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Rules And Regulations

1. You will be expected to complete a very brief questionnaire online. In this questionnaire, you will be asked to provide the full name of your business, address, hours of operation, all social media information (if applicable), etc. This is NOT a “credit review” type of situation; we want to make sure that we have the FULL and proper listing of information for those who will patronize your businesses during Black Restaurant Week. The registration fee for the week will be included in the introductory email.
2. We are most CERTAINLY encouraging people to write reviews of your businesses. We want you to gain new customers and retain your current ones, so we will be encouraging any and all patrons to your establishments to write Yelp and other reviews of your business!
3. We are currently sending “Ghost Foodies” out to the different black-owned eateries to fill us in on customer service, pricing, atmosphere, etc. This is actually happening now and has been happening for the past few weeks at some spots. Since we won’t acknowledge who they are, make sure that your staff knows that your place of business is being reviewed PRIOR to, and during, Chicago Black Restaurant Week!
4. You will be solely responsible for whatever discount you would like to provide on whatever menu items/drinks/desserts that you have. This also includes breakfast/lunch/dinner specials. However, we are asking that you end your dollar amount with $.20, as a way to represent the 2020 Chicago Black Restaurant Week. That’s it! Make it fun!
5. We are also asking that you promote CBRW20 via your social media sites!
6. We will provide you with promo materials indicating that you are a participating restaurant, and we would like for this to be displayed somewhere in your establishment!
We are doing this primarily because we love our Black Businesses, we want others to know that you exist, and we want to see you all flourish and grow!